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K&D CobbleShop started as an idea from Kris and Dayna Fournier.  An idea to create something from what could be seen as nothing.  An idea suggested by Dayna’s Big Brother Matt.  In this case scraps of wood from an old barn.  An old barn that Kris and Dayna got married in.  As they started building a life together K&D unknowingly started building a business.


With these extra pieces of wood small benches and tables were made.  It became clear Dayna had a steadier hand and Kris wasn’t short on ideas. These two made a great pair in more ways then one. ;-) The furniture sold well enough to pay for a couple of date nights for the newlyweds.   It was very satisfying to see something they made be appreciated by someone else.  Especially to Dayna.  It was much more fulfilling then working construction jobs with her brother ( no offense bro) or the odd maintenance jobs at the local school.  With the support of her husband Dayna started making more furniture in all sizes and sold it under the name K&D CobbleShop.  K&D for Kris and Dayna.  CobbleShop for the willingness to try and build something from an idea.


The business grew from local craft shows and bazaars to more than a full time job and online sales.  As The CobbleShop grew so did the Fournier Family.  Kris and Dayna are now the lucky parents of two adorable girls.  The family dynamic isn’t typical.  Most evenings Kris is in the house making dinner.  Dayna is in the shop making furniture.  Quite possibly making the family dinner table.  The business continues to come full circle.  These days The CobbleShop is still a family affair.  It is supported at least in part by Matt (brother, mentor, uncle), Don (Father in Law, painter, Grandpa) and Julie (sewer, tagger, Grandma) with Dayna overseeing them all.  Who knows?  Maybe someday K&D will stand for Kids and Dayna CobbleShop....

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